Single: Jordana x MELVV – I’ll Take It Boring

We’ve got a new single, “I’ll Take It Boring” from Jordana, who re-released her debut record on Grand Jury earlier this year, and we’re using it to announce her upcoming EP. It’s the first full set of songs she’s done outside of her bedroom, working with the up-and-coming NY producer MELVV. The new songs still retain the transparency and candor that Jordana’s Classical Notions Of Happiness is full of but the sound is more refined, fleshed out and full. J’s guitar playing on these songs is incredible and the sound centers on what they were going for with “Crunch” – one of our standout singles from the last record that got some great coverage, from Pigeons & Planes’ artist you need to know, Stereogum’s 5 best songs of the week, MTV’s Bop Shop (thanks for that!), a bunch of love from The Fader and more.

“I’ll Take It Boring” is the first single from the new EP and it’s got me thinking a lot about how many times I ghosted social situations and have been grieving those times but I do not doubt that I’ll still do it on the other side of this. Jordana says that “”I’ll Take It Boring” is a song about my experience at a Halloween party which I regretted attending. It’s a song for all the introverts out there, for all the people who feel like blowing off their weekend plans and staying home.”

– a little bit of story for the song

I am enjoying to see Jordana grow so much. Still so happy we had her on the seasonal compilation.

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