Single: Edward Phillips – Adulterous Summer

Edward Phillips is a New Jersey-based indie rock, bedroom pop singer-songwriter. After three self-released lo-fi albums–Live Suicide (2012), Warped Grooves (2012), and House of Natural (2015), Phillips now lives on to produce his own breed of mid-fi, power slop on Kidokoro Records.

His debut single “Adulterous Summer” weaves together comic book panel-like imagery and glimmering guitars to mutter a tale about dark, personal collapse. “All of your strings are breakin’ / both of your hands are bound and tied / to all the the love they’re making / got drunk in your car and wept all night.”

His full-length album Student Driver is due out Summer 2020.

The guitar parts in this song are so nice. Love the sound. Kind of happy the artist is getting a new re-launch.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.