Single: Jet City Sports Club – Drug Store (Waste My Time)

Jet City Sports Club is a dreamy indie pop from Sydney, Australia and this is their latest single. This is an insight into their future music that is coming in the next months.

Here is a little bit about the creative process of writing the song

“[We] worked at breaking down the initial seed/idea of the song and re-shaping it to be more storytelling and melodically catchy. After finishing the writing of the song core (guitar and vocals), we set to work deciding what type of beats and bass lines and frills we wanted throughout the song. We honestly were just having a great time figuring out how the song should sound in between lunch breaks of Chinese dumplings and cups of coffee.” LILLA OBRADOVIC, JET CITY SPORTS CLUB

Further Lilla explains that ‘Drug Store (Waste My Time)’ is partially a love song.

“When I started writing this song, It was about always wanting more from a significant other, but it evolved into a sort of longing and desperation to be seen by someone you don’t even really know. Someone who might not even know you exist yet. 

You know that feeling when you have a big crush on someone from a distance and you hope that they can feel your eyes on them across the room, but it’s all just juvenile because you don’t even know if you’d like them if you got too close? I suppose the song is about that feeling. A dream of something that isn’t and might never be.” LILLA OBRADOVIC, JET CITY SPORTS CLUB

We always have dreams that are too far in the distance we are not sure they might come true. I have experienced this feeling so many times, not particularly with love, but with other things, especially in terms of my music ambitions. Dreaming big can be scary, but sometimes even big dreams can come true, even in love. Even though the wait is always hard and this world sometimes tells us that waiting is a bad thing. It is not, just have dreams and hope. There is always hope. What a really lovely summer indie dream pop track that will catch you after first listening, just try it.

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