EP: The Ferrules – Igrzyska

The Ferrules are a five-piece band from Tricity, Poland, whose music is somewhere on the broadly defined alternative rock spectrum and moves along it from shoegaze, through post-rock, all the way to anything else that complements the band’s overall sound.

It has been a while since I shared a Polish band, so I am glad to bring you this discovery from our neighboring country. The EP blends shoegaze with post-rock creating a nice blend of melodic noise.

The band tells us more about the second track Somehow:

This song is important to us on various reasons. Huge part of it was composed by our former drummer and close friend who decided to go his own way and moved abroad. Its release was preceded by a lot of hard work, several months of delays, pulling ourselves together after the powerlessness of the pandemic and growing musically.

I bet these songs would be amazing to hear live and maybe the band will tour and could visit Slovakia on the road as well. I bet our band from the label Eversame would be glad to play a show with them. Who knows what the future will bring us?

You can find more music on Spotify.