Singles: Babytooth – Hometown & Still From Sinking

Babytooth is the full band project of Portland, OR-based singer/songwriter Isabel Zacharias. A rotating cast of friends has brought the songs to life, but Annie Fifer’s (Yellow Room) earworm guitar leads have been a constant, with the current lineup also including Hugh Jepson (Soft Cheese) behind the drums and Benson Chong (Honeydiu) playing bass.

Elaborating on Pacific Northwest indie of the ’90s, the songs skate between noisy melodic rock & twinkly folk experiments. A first EP, Thataway, arrived in 2020 via cassette-only label Bud Tapes — and its success helped establish the imprint as a go-to curator of the Portland DIY scene. With a debut full-length set for release in August 2023 via Bud and like-minded tape label Antiquated Future, Zacharias continues to write intimate song portraits of distraction and awareness, aging and loss, comic relief, the everyday, and how memories inform identity.

The long-awaited debut full-length from Portland, Oregon’s Babytooth. Led by songwriter Isabel Zacharias, Babytooth has quickly become one of Portland’s most beloved new bands over the past several years, playing constantly—from punk-house basements to opening slots for internationally beloved acts. Since their 2020 EP, Thataway, their fanbase has spread far and wide, admirers are magnetically drawn in by Zacharias’s dynamic voice, her playfully wise lyricism, and the band’s expansive and inventive take on ’90s indie-rock aesthetics.”

I am sharing two singles from the album but will try to share the full album once it is out. The album will be released on Antiquated Future Records (cassettes) and Bud Tapes (CDs) and I am excited about it. If you were not persuaded by the words above, I hope you will enjoy the newest singles. This twinkly indie folk mixed with slacker indie rock has so much energy. I am really enjoying its nostalgic 90s sound and I am really enjoying Zacharias’s vocals.

I have recently written on Twitter that people should stop releasing great music because we are not able to cover it. I am glad folks from Antiquated Future send me this new release as I am admiring their work since times before cassettes were cool.

I have listened to the song a couple of times and I am totally getting why Zacharia is getting so many new fans. The songs are growing on me more and more. Just beautiful, well-crafted tracks.

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