Album: Exercise – Ipso Facto

Here is some background info about this post-pop-punk band from Austin, TX:

“Exercise is an Austin-based band known for their compelling lyricism and effervescent post-punk sound. With members hailing from influential groups like Ghetto Ghouls, Ruby Fray, and the Infinites, Exercise brings together decades of friendship and collaboration.

Corey Anderson, the lead vocalist and songwriter, started Exercise as a solo project but soon enlisted Keller LeVine to contribute her vocals and keyboard skills. They formed a live band with Nick Capezzuto on bass, David Snyder on drums, and Dan LeVine on second guitar. Tragically, Keller passed away in 2020, but the remaining members continue to play together in her memory.

In 2022, Exercise embarked on a creative journey, recording their second full-length album with longtime friend and collaborator Ian Rundell in Alpine, TX. Living and recording at Sue’s Inn, they poured their hearts into 15 new songs, showcasing their growth and exploration. Exercise’s music is a testament to their deep connections, artistic integrity, and emotional expression, leaving a lasting impact on the Austin music scene and beyond.


Their newest album is out and this is what they have to say about it:

“Ipso Facto” has a refreshing and melodic sound that blends pop sensibilities with post-punk energy. The album introduces new sonic elements for Exercise such as intricate orchestral arrangements, elevating their textural palette into previously undiscovered territory.

Their first single, “Lawn Chairs,” resonates with its catchy hooks and uplifting message, exuding hope in the face of adversity. The second single, “Glue,” electrifies listeners in its chorus, with the lyrics, “It is so fucking unfair what happened to you,” offering them unbridled, raw absolution.

However, “Ipso Facto” is more than just a musical journey; it’s a deeply personal and cathartic expression of the band’s emotions. The album was penned in the wake of the untimely passing of member Keller LeVine, and the lyrics paint a candid picture of loss, introspection, and finding solace amidst a changing city. With compelling and tender lyricism, Exercise invites listeners to embrace vulnerability and embark on an introspective voyage through their beautifully crafted songs.

I have quoted both bios as they wrote it because I do not have many smart words as they do. It has been a while since I listened to an album that has 15 tracks, but I am enjoying it. From the first song, the album is full of energy and some of the songs have more catchy melodies like Glue or Lawn Chairs. I am loving the blend of post-punk melodies with a little of poppy ingredients. That’s why I called it post-pop-punk.

The album is full of freshness and you can easily fall in love with it. You will be just the third track in and you will be like, wow, this is super cool, I want to listen to it all. You will not regret it, because there is more energy coming at you from the next songs. For example, Line of Fate with piano and string instruments is just beautiful and I am loving it (one of my favorites from the album). There are more great tracks and you will definitely find your favorites.

Some of the songs are more poppy, and some of them are more punky. Either way, listening to the album is a joyful ride and you will definitely want to give it another try and maybe another than another and you will be into it as we say in Slovakia “až po uši”. You can try to search for this phrase and translate it. 🙂

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