Single: Jack Quit the Band – 2nd Wave

“Imagine alternative rock legend and front-man of Built to Spill, Dough Martsch, joined the math rock pioneers in American Football to form a hybrid band with strong elements of 90s hip apathy and mathy/ twinkly guitar licks. 2nd Wave sounds more or less exactly like that, but including fuzzy guitars reminiscent of bands like Dinosaur Jr. Recorded and mixed by Sjur Lyseid (Flight Mode), and mastered by Brian Lucey. 2nd Wave is the first single of four to be released in 2024.”

I stumbled upon an incredible emo band from Norway recently, and I have to say, their music is absolutely remarkable. The band’s unique blend of math rocky guitars, captivating riffs, and emotive vocals is simply outstanding. I found myself repeatedly hitting the play button, unable to get enough of their energy-packed music. This is one of the coolest emo projects I have discovered in a while, and I am eagerly looking forward to hearing more from them in the future. I highly recommend that everyone checks out this band and starts following them.

You can follow the band on: