EP: mozu – Ophelia

“We are mozu from Tokyo.

It features songs with elements of emo, math rock, and slowcore.

The melodic fretless bass, refraining Telecaster, and monotonous, circular drums reveal a sense of guilt over the passing of time.”

As a music enthusiast with a particular fondness for Japanese music, I can’t help but feel excited about the latest discovery I’ve made. It’s a debut EP from a Tokyo-based band mozu, and the fact that it’s their first release makes it even more intriguing. I highly recommend taking the time to listen from start to finish, as the dreamy slowcore emo sounds from Japan are truly captivating. The EP creates a unique atmosphere, and I find it to be a refreshing and uplifting piece of music. It’s one of the most impressive discoveries I’ve made from Japan in a while. Trust me, this EP is a gem that deserves your attention. I’m at a loss for words, it’s just that good.

You can follow the band on: