Single: Internet Creep x JAROFSAN.D x Driip x GL James – TAYL

“TAYL (Thinking About You Love) is a collaborative project between Internet Creep, JAROFSAN.D, Driip, and GL James. Starting from a demo sent to me by Internet Creep, I asked him and Driip to work on the track with me to start developing the sound. I later sent the track over to GL James, a childhood friend and now collaborator, who asked to work on the track. After starting the project in February, TAYL is releasing April 26th on all streaming platforms along with a music video created by Driip.

I’ve tried to work on a collaborative project such as this for years, and now, I’ve been finally able to make this project come to life. I’m very thankful for my collaborators Internet Creep, Driip, and GL James for their time and patience to work together and release an amazing track and video. I hope the listeners will enjoy it as well.”

We received a while back this message from an artist named JAROFSAN.D who shared a link to video above. After watching the video, I found myself hooked on this indie bop and have been playing it on repeat. It’s been a while since I came across such a catchy alt-pop song that instantly captivated me. I was already familiar with GL James, one of the artists involved, as we had shared their work before. It’s rare to hear a song with so many artists collaborating, but in this case, it worked incredibly well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve listened to it, and I still can’t get enough. The video complements the catchiness of the song perfectly. I truly hope these artists collaborate on another track in the future.

Written by Filip Zemcik

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