Single: Friendly Antenna – Somewhere Somehow

“Friendly Antenna is a music project created by Stockholm-based singer-songwriter Jonas Lundqvist. A project that combines his love for the psychedelic 60s, dreamy lofi and folk rock. All songs are home recorded and released on the small indie label Summerisle Productions.

Friendly Antenna’s influences include John Lennon and The Beatles, Smog, Syd Barrett, Guided by Voices, Big Star, Donovan, Velvet Underground and many more.

Jonas was a part of the Cookiehead collective and played with various bands like dB Overdrive, Alabaster and The Pops Orchestra.”

This was a little bit of intro to the artist and here is a really well written text about the song. I am sharing it in full so you can read it:

“Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing expedition, as Friendly Antenna, the enigmatic Swedish one-man band, unveils their latest single, “Somewhere Somehow.”

As the waves of sound carry you along, “Somewhere Somehow” weaves its narrative of self-discovery, chronicling the universal quest to find our place in this chaotic realm. It is an introspective exploration of the struggle to fit in, to reconcile our innermost desires with the external expectations that confine us.

In Somewhere Somehow, Friendly Antenna crafts a sonic landscape that is both moody and atmospheric, invoking dreamy sensations that gently caress the soul. A musical journey with wavy, psychedelic undertones and haunting guitars.

On June 23rd, 2023, “Somewhere Somehow” will be unleashed upon the world, offering solace and inspiration to weary souls. Available on all major streaming services.

So, join in on this sonic voyage, and together, we shall discover our place in the infinite cosmos.

Recently I wrote that Sweden is producing great indie artists and here we have another great proof that the country can offer great music. I am really liking this jangly, lo-fi psychedelic indie rock, which is coming right for my summer lazy music moods. I think I was born for summer music, because no matter the weather outside, I am always happy to listen to more summer music or maybe I am trying to apply my summer nostalgia to every music I like. The funniest part is that I do not really like summer weather and I hate hot days. I am weird, but if you have been reading this blog, you already know that.

Enough of my rambling, just start the track and enjoy these indie waves coming at you.

You can find more music on Spotify or Bandcamp.