Single: Ford Chastain – Past Lives

“Ford Chastain began playing guitar at the age of eight in Norman, Oklahoma. Since then, he’s been weaving chords into songs, playing in local bands, and recording music. At 16, he joined the psychedelic rock band Stardeath And White Dwarfs, touring across the United States and Canada alongside bands such as Tame Impala and The Flaming Lips. Since 2016, he has shifted his focus towards his solo project, where he unveils home-recorded indie rock/dreampop songs with smooth, laid-back guitar riffs and mellow vocals.”

Ford Chastain’s music has completely captivated me. The dreamy rock tunes he creates are perfect for when I need to unwind after a long work day or when I want to get into a good mood in the late evening. Whenever I listen to his music, I find myself closing my eyes and letting the melodic tunes take me on a journey through the soft hues of pink clouds. It’s like a magical experience that transports me to another world.

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