Singles: The Soods – Slip On Down & Dreamy

“Indie basement post pop rock n roll

“Distinctly collaborative and uniquely diverse, The Soods is an immersive artistic moniker helmed by musician Jason Roy. At times tender, at times heartbreaking The Soods is an exploration into the unpredictable themes of adult life, encapsulating haunting feelings of wistful reflection layered into a tapestry of sound.” – Ricky Olmos”

This is a quote taken from The Soods’ Bandcamp page.

I have been an ardent follower of The Soods for quite some time now. In fact, we even collaborated together on our compilations, and I must say, their folky lo-fi rock has never failed to captivate me. Recently, I heard that they are working on their new self-titled album, and the lead single they released is nothing short of amazing. The moment I listened to the new track, I was hooked. The song has a unique drive and special catchiness that can instantly get you grooving. I have been listening to this debut single on repeat, and I simply can’t wait to hear more from their upcoming album.

I recommend you listen to this short closing track from the upcoming album:

You can follow the band on: