Single: Deirdre – Keep Still

Deirdre is Joakim Johnsen from Denmark. ‘Keep Still’ is the latest single from his upcoming record ‘Heart Work’, due out soon on Copenhagen-based label Pink Cotton Candy Records.

‘Keep Still’ is a warming and autumnal earworm that will appeal to fans of sentimental, lo-fi grunge with a strong pop sensibility. I advise listening with caution; there is a serious risk of this song being stuck in your head for a little while. 

From the band –

Deirdre, the musical alias of Joakim Johnsen, is a Copenhagen-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Drawing influence from 90’s slacker-rock, emo, grunge and shoegaze combined with a contemporary – experimental, layered and electronically manipulated – take on folk-rock/singer-songwriter, Deirdre (named after a tragic heroine in Irish folklore) creates boundary-pushing, melodic and intimate modern indie rock for the present day.

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