Single: Shrine Maiden – mother’s day

Shrine Maiden’s new single ‘mother’s day’ is about as slowcore as it gets. It radiates eerie energy that makes Low sound like a party band. Wonderfully sparse guitar is backed by a piercing, doomy wall of sound. This is for you if you like your music haunting and atmospheric; Shrine Maiden succeed in drawing the listener into a trance-like state with their meditative and hypnotic drones. Make sure you listen to their other material on Spotify, you won’t be disappointed.

From the band –

‘This is a reimagining of my favorite Hawaiian song by Keali`i Reichel, which he originally wrote and dedicated to his mother. Reichel compares his mother’s gentle strength to the sentinel mountain, Maunaleo. Today, the hula dance accompanying Maunaleo is usually performed in the honor of strong and influential women. While I never learned this dance as my mother did, this reimagined version was created with her and my grandmother in mind. I love and miss them both dearly.’

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