Single: Cynka – coffee date

Here is a little introduction to this Polish artist:

“I use simple words to express my complex thoughts to the tunes of what some would call bedroom pop (maybe because I record it in my bedroom or maybe because I can’t play anything besides basic chords on the ukulele and guitar). I put my heart and soul on YouTube first and now I’m putting them here, hoping that somebody will find themselves in them, too.

* * *

Cynka is a trainwreck sunshine bisexual in her twenties from Poland who flirts with everyone. He loves musicals and food, and spends way too much time watching TV shows. One day, you’ll see her on theatre stages and/or big screens. His shameless self-promotion on social media (and in person) resulted in a small but wholehearted fandom that kinda bullied him into releasing his music. She recorded her first EP by herself, saying it wasn’t much, but at the same time creating something she never would have thought she was able to do.”

And here is a little blurb about this particular song:

“This is a love song written in early pandemic to a girl I met over the internet. It’s about the nervousness of a feeling for a person you don’t really know, but also about its the eagerness and excitement – of the first meeting, of finding out if that person likes you back, of being close to someone.

This is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written and I am extremely happy to share it.”

The melody is simple as well as the lyrics, but somehow it is so captivating. Such a nice bedroom (folk) pop that will get anyone. I have seen Cynka on some social media and I did not pay enough attention, but I am really glad this was shared with me as well. This new single is so cute. I have been listening to it on repeat and just enjoying how honest and direct the song is. I miss music like this when you can for a bit forget about the outside and just listen to some cute love song that will make you smile, blush, and just enjoy your life. Great job Cynka, so happy to see music like this one made in Poland.

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