Introducing: Jack Quit the Band – Everything and Everyone Felt Like Playdough in the Rain & 3 Qs

“Jack Quit the Band started out with BBQ, kimchi, and beers. After finally getting together with proper equipment, a place to practice, and a couple of twinkly guitar noodle riffs, Jack decided to quit the band. We are Goldie Leger, Jacques Bureau, and Joshua Grunt, and we play country jazz punk. Jack Quit the Band is a member of the Astral Fighters and Fire Flighters Association.”

A little intro to the band and here is a paragraph about the single N&F (Looking up at the 90s):

N&F (Looking up at the 90s) portrays a different time, filled with nostalgia. Still, looking back into the past, really looking, often depicts something more nuanced than just laying down in the grass, getting drunk on cheap red wine and having fun with friends. In other words, the nostalgia is combined with feelings of being content with the fact that the past must be the past. Also, people tend to do stupid things and end up in complicated situations, like not paying the rent.

Sharing a little paragraph about the single No Use et al. (2022):

The idea behind the song came from having a lot of negative experiences using dating apps, which turns people into objects instead of living human beings with emotions, including ourselves. “No Use et al.” is an academic pun, referring to uselessness and all its friends, or in other words, related feelings emerging from using apps as a means of getting to know people.

Now you should have a better insight into this newest EP from Norwegian emo-math-indie rock band Jack Quit the Band. I have been listening to a lot of emo bands in the past two months and after dream pop it is becoming my favorite genre, but most of the bands I have listened to were coming from the USA or UK, so I am super happy to have some European band to add to my our cool playlist.

This EP is such a great one, it has amazing math rock guitars, a lot of energy, and overall just a great atmosphere. It has been a while since I listened to such great music coming from Norway or even Scandinavia in general. I am so excited to share this one with you and I hope you will get into it as much as I am. I already planning to listen to it during my work so I can get into it even more. Highly recommended EP!

I reached out to the band and asked them our 3 Qs and the guitarist Jonas answered.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

Been playing a variety of instruments since early childhood, including saxophone, piano, and guitar. It’s in my nature to continue playing music, a reality without seems almost meaningless.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

The most challenging thing has primarily been heard among the extremely large amount of great artists creating music nowadays

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

My biggest dream would be to play some larger festivals and have a fan base that continues to come back and listen for years to come.

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