Single: Being Dead – Daydream

This is a new single from the upcoming album by Being Dead released on Bayonet Records. Here is a quote from the submission about the band:

For those of us who live for cerebral music that refuses to be easily categorized, it doesn’t get much more intriguing than this. Multi-instrumentalists Juli Keller and Cody Dosier of Being Dead skirt the line between outsider music and mainstream grooves that have been retrofitted with sublimely lumbering harmonies. The project is a wickedly original expedition into the depths of low-fidelity experimentalism and postmodern pop. While extremely avant-garde in nature, they’re not so left-field as to be woefully inaccessible to unfamiliar listeners or casual fans of experimental music. Popular music has been embracing the postmodern school of thought more and more over the last decade, but few groups are able to wield its wildly imaginative pen with the same command and prowess that Being Dead does.”

I am really enjoying the atmosphere of the song which is full of various sounds and it mixes various genres like psychedelic pop or folk or bedroom pop. I like how they describe it as avant-garde, because it feels a little bit different from what we usually receive in our submissions. If you want to read about the upcoming album, you can read the description on Bandcamp. It looks promising and I am looking forward to hearing the full when it will be out (July 14) and I hope I will not miss the date. 🙂

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