Single: fairfields – 4pm

Here is a quote about this project:

“fairfields was but a mere concept by Ryan Silo (Vox/Guitars) in 2020. He started this passion project that is heavily influenced by the sonic-textures of shoegaze, the melodic-atmosphere of dreampop, and the emotional tones of post-punk. 

During that time, It was challenging to find individuals complementing the needed parts. By late 2022, he met Jayd Abellaneda (Drums/Producer) who pushed him to work on “Strangers” with the help of his childhood friend, Yani Dy (Bass) who shared the same musical passion and direction. This process shaped the band as they wrote more songs to release in the future.

fairfields‘s vision is to expand the genre by creating a wide range of styles that resonates to the nostalgic seasons of our understanding.

As you already know, I have been a fan of shoegaze, especially dreamy shoegaze as I sometimes call it dreamgaze (even though I use that term weirdly). I have been really enjoying the atmosphere this song brings. Also, I really enjoyed this quote about the single:

“the uncertainties of unrequited love that over shadows such desire, another person shares the same sentiments, hoping for a resolve. Spring unfolds a blissful summertime, memories of our winter solstice searing through a longing melody, which was once a forgotten dream.”

Somehow this change from spring to summer is always a struggle for me because it is sudden, especially in my home country – Slovakia. But listening to this song and dreaming a little bit makes somehow the transition more bearable or maybe I am just overthinking it a little bit. Either way, I am looking forward to summer because bands will be releasing more dreamy, upbeat music that I really enjoy. Summer music is for me always a source of joy and energy.

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