Single: Beach Vacation – Lay Low

I have loved Beach Vacation since the day I discovered them. I was so lucky to work with them under Z Tapes and I am so happy they are still making new music, which is amazing. This new album is maybe the poppier single I have listened to from them, but I love it so much. They are working on a new album and I hope it will get the attention it will need. If I was running a label, I would love to have them on it. Their sound is exactly what I would love to have on the label. I have to really try to keep myself from starting a new label, even though I already have a name and sound orientation, and even identity. Maybe one day, when things are different, but I am glad I can still share this track with you on this blog, which is bringing me a lot of joy. Beach Vacation and their new single is exactly that source of joy.

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