Single: Annalies Tang – Jasmine Tea

Annalies Tang released their debut single in advance of their upcoming debut EP on Ska Punk International on January 24, and if this doesn’t get you excited for the EP, I don’t know what will. (Watch the video here)

From the very first notes of the song, this sounded different than most other music that I’ve been listening to. The horns hit a little higher, and so do the up strokes. Even before the vocals kick in, the song sits somewhere that feels a little sultry, but not smoky, somewhere ethereal, but not dreamy. The song feels like it is taking me to a place that is real, and then the vocals come in. Annalies Tang is making her music debut, and her voice fits the music perfectly. Her voice entices you in with a grace that melody not often heard in ska music and her storytelling controls your attention and she eloquently addresses and highlights the racism, misogyny, and fetishism that Asian women suffer.

As the song plays out, it becomes apparent how well constructed everything is. The music gets more chaotic for the third verse, where the lyrics become more aggressive, the vocals are doubled with an underlying whisper echoing the lines to add a discordant effect that let’s the listener feel that animosity, without ever taking away the alluring voice. As the verses end and the song is coming to a close the tension rises in the music, the horns increase in volume, and the keys carry the texture of the song before melodic vocals help give rise and build more tension and chaos to the song right before it closes with a hauntingly whispered echo of Jasmine Tea. 

This song combines great songwriting, an excellent musical performance, narrative and instrumental storytelling, and beautiful vocals. This may be their first song, but I’ll definitely be eagerly awaiting the EP that releases next week. 

Pre-order the album here.

Written by Gimpleg

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