Single: Loic Moonmattress – Heatwave

‘I don’t wanna die in a heatwave’

Citing influences as diverse as Earl Sweatshirt and American Football, I had a hunch that I was in for listening to something – at the very least – unique. Loic Moonmattress is a Canadian singer songwriter that marries twinkly, freeform, midwestern emo-inspired instrumentals with subtly half-rapped / half-spoken vocals. It is a very successful marriage that produces something delicate and calming that boasts, honestly, some of my favourite lyrics in recent memory.

From the artist – I began this song years ago on guitar thinking of folk music and the American Football record I loved at that current moment (and still do). I found inspiration for the words years later in a college town in the Pacific Northwest during an impossibly hot summer. And I finally found my way to the words in written form years after that, thinking of poems and hip hop cadences. The song is about privileging the real over the ideal; and it is possibly a love song.