Single: Scoobert Doobert – daydreaming

The Scoobert Doobert sound has a smoothness that doesn’t shy away from leaning fully into a hook-laden feels-heavy atmosphere. His second single of his 2024 cycle epitomizes his ability to make music that coalesces the extra comfy with the refreshing current. It’s been a chill ascent for the prolific producer-artist with his imprint team at Beformer, over-indexing on radly made regular releases. Look out for his upcoming remix of Rozzi, and collabs with the likes of Great Good Fine Ok plus more.

Scoobert Doobert is an incredibly talented artist whose music is a delightful blend of catchy indie pop tunes. Although I don’t always share his taste in music, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his latest track, which has once again captivated my attention. The song has a laid-back, dreamy vibe that evokes the feeling of a warm summer day by the ocean. The melody is so enchanting that I find myself swaying to the rhythm, allowing the music to work its magic on me. Overall, Scoobert Doobert’s latest creation is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty of indie pop music.

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