Single: Adoorfly – Childhood (Remake)

“Hi! We’re Adoorfly, a music duo of two friends from Estepa (Spain) we just started releasing our own music, writed and produces by us. We are really into britpop and rock, but we get inspiration from all kind of music. Hope you enjoy our music!”

Introduction taken from Bandcamp page and here is a quote about the song, in Spanish. I leave the translation for you.

“Childhood (Remake) es una cancion que intenta revivir el pasado con topicos que todos hemos podido vivir a lo largo de nuestra infancia con unos ritmos muy freneticos y nostalgicos.”

The track I stumbled upon is a delightful, upbeat lo-fi rock song that immediately captivated my attention. Its raw, energetic vibe and catchy melody had me hooked from the very start. Interestingly, it reminded me of some of the amazing musicians from Latin America that I have discovered in the past. Perhaps it’s the language that forms the main connection, but the lo-fi sound also seems to be a common characteristic among these musicians, and I love it. I found myself replaying the track over and over again, and I am so grateful that it was created in Europe. Finally, we have some fantastic lo-fi musicians in this part of the world, and I’ve been missing that dearly.

You can watch a cute video with childhood footage collage:

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