Single: a small bird x Nick Navari – all my friends

“a trans girl indie/alt musician based in Chicagoland.”

“all my friends” is a tongue-in-cheek anthem for getting straight-up ditched by people you thought were your friends! We laugh and sing through our pain, please come join us.

Part of a series of winter singles by a small bird. This one features a guitar and bass performance by longtime collaborator Nick Navari.

Since 2020 she has released two albums (debut ‘in transit’ and sophomore ‘creature comforts’), two EPs (besides, cut songs from album sessions, and under cover, a selection of covers), and is now publishing a series of seven singles this winter and spring ’22/’23.”

A little bit of copy-paste, but this small introduction was well-needed to get you on board. What a catchy indie pop this song is. The melody is pretty simple, yet still captivating. I am enjoying it very much. Give it a try and you can fall in love with it too. It has been on repeat this morning and I cannot get enough of it…

You can stream it on our channel.

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