Introducing: Cold Cold Nights – Ten Years Later & 3 Questions

Cold Cold Nights, the brainchild of Czech creative Jakub Jirásek.

I have shared their previous single where I talked about analog photography they used shot by me. Read here. The new album is finally out and I am so so happy. CCN is one of my top Czech music projects of all time. Closely at the top together with my dear friends at Billow and other bands from Bughead Records.

Here is what Jakub says about the second record: “The album is called 10 Years Later. It’s a bit of a joke because it took us 5 years to record it, but mainly it’s a reflection of how time passes by and how people and things change (or not). It is a collage of memories of people and places and feelings and plans…that sometimes took a completely different road. I’ve written the lyrics as if I was writing my diary. Actually, some parts are genuinely just taken from my diaries from childhood or college. The album was recorded DIY in about a dozen different studios and spaces. Štěpán Oves (who plays the guitar, bass, and synths) was the producer and sound technician and he did the mix as well. In parallel, he did the same thing with his other band TAMARA, which released its debut album just last month and became one of the most discussed records of the year.” 

If I had to pick one thing from the album that is getting me the most is the trumpet aspect. When I was younger I kinda hated trumpet or sax, but the older I am getting, I am starting to appreciate them more and more and I like their use in these songs.

Either way, every song on this album is worthy of your time and I would not be surprised if this would become popular in near future.

The only bummer is that this album does not have a physical format. Not at least listed on Bandcamp.

I have asked Jakub our 3 special questions.

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music? 

Music was somehow always present in my life and it was just taking so much of my attention that I never really considered not doing it.

The most formative experience for me was attending shows promoted by AM180 in Prague. Thanks to them, I saw bands like Future Islands, Ariel Pink, Karl Blau, or Casiotone for the Painfully Alone in venues for 100 people when I was 15yo, and that was absolutely transformative. Every time I listen to music or I go to a good show, I just know I want to be part of this magic.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path? 

Probably accepting that we’re too alternative for being a crowd-pleaser and too much of a crowd-pleaser for the alternative scene. Especially in Czechia where the alternative and mainstream scenes are absolutely separate worlds and you cannot really be part of both at the same time.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

I would really love to go on tour with The National or Phoebe Bridgers or ideally both at the same time haha. Or make a collab with Miya Folick.

If you are in Czechia right now, you can see them live on their tour. Check the dates and do not forget to buy the album.