Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Work Wear, James Crowley, Disaster Artist, Zero Percent APR, Wickerbird, Venus as a boy, T. G. Shand, Bluhm

Work Wear – One Day Away

I have been enjoying this song pretty much. It takes me back to my musical roots when I was young and optimistic and wanted to make music myself. Now I am older and doing what I was meant to do. Blogging. “One Day Away,” the new single from slacker rock trio Work Wear (Charlottesville, VA), is pure indie sunshine. Atop a steady chug of warm & distorted guitar tones, with vocals that are equal parts bratty and earnest, frontman Ben Wilkes sings about the search for identity & meaning through life’s performative aspects and the slow–or quick–collapse of time. This garage pop gem glistens with a head-nodding rhythm, catchy & addictive chorus, and ecstatic guitar solo. RIYL Japandroids, Beach Fossils, Galaxie 500″. You can find more music on Spotify,

James Crowley – Kerosene

“Kerosene talks about a love that never quite landed.” This sweet indie track from a London-based artist contrasts the previous one. More mellow, gentle atmosphere. I can close my eyes and just float around with the melody. There is no big drop, no “catchy” guitars, just a feeling that is getting deep into your soul. At least this is my personal experience and I hope you can feel it too… You can find more music on Spotify.

Disaster Artist – Best Buds

“Best Buds is about friendship but more specifically about growing up with a twin” Let’s change the mood once again, this song is apparently made for easy listening activities and I can confirm it works for me like that. High-paced melody, kicking guitars, and fuzzy vocals. Short, but an energetic song we can all enjoy in the morning when we need to get our minds rolling for the rest of the day. Recommended. You can find more music on Spotify.

Zero Percent APR – Hot topic Philosophy

Once again change in the pace. I like the balance I am creating in this post and it was not intentional, haha. In recent months I have been enjoying dreamy slowcore pretty much. And this new song is fitting me as well. Once again shorter track, but still brings out a lot of energy with the fuzzy guitars in the background. The slow guitar solo is the coolest part of the song though. You can find more music on Spotify.

Wickerbird – little weavings

“Wickerbird is the atmospheric dream-folk project of Blake Cowan, started in the wild foothills of Mt. Rainier. It began as a means of relating the understanding he found wandering the woods, told in distilled daydreams and wrought within the distant strands of tranquil, wistful guitars and cavernous, haunting harmonies.” Let’s go to a different genre – indie folk. Yet another atmospheric track that you can use to let your imagination fly away from the city to the woods and just wander around. I am doing that just right now and it works great for me. Try it. You can find more music on Spotify.

Venus as a boy – When were you so low

A little bit more mainstream-sounding slowcore, but still it is getting me very much. Especially the change in the melody got me the first time and gets me every time I re-listen to the song. I always like it when the melody surprises me in a positive way. I feel like artists are afraid to experiment a little bit more and try something new. I feel like many songs are a little bit monotonous, so this was an enjoyable ride for me. You can find more music on Spotify.

T. G. Shand – WAWO

“Described most often as “dreamy”, T. G. Shand is a shoegazey dream-pop project by Annemarie Duff, Ōtautahi Christchurch, New Zealand.” I always pay closer attention to music coming from New Zealand and this case was no exception. I like this line about the song: “Most of it came together pretty quickly in a weekend, then I spent a month figuring out the bridge and how to include my precious Yamaha CP-70 piano.” I always enjoy learning more about the creative process of musicians for particular songs. This song is from a new EP and I am excited to listen to it when it will be out. The song is just magical shoegaze and I bet the EP will be too. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Bluhm – You Took It

Music from Bluhm has been shared on a regular basis and this is a new addition to their discography. I have been enjoying all the songs they made in recent months. All are different and yet somehow still connected. I am always looking forward to listening to new music they make. You can find it on Spotify.