Album: Old Milk Mooney – East Rock

“Recorded and mixed entirely on a tascam 4 track cassette home studio”

Old Milk Mooney is a solo project of the frontman of Pin Cushion, Daniel Onorato. East Rock is a collection of indie folk (rock) songs with a lo-fi aesthetic. It feels a little bit nostalgic, like that old recording your father had on vinyl. You can sip a glass of whiskey (or any other favorite beverage) and just enjoy the songs. It is a little bit bummer that this album is not released in a physical format. It would suit it well. Every song is a little bit different, so I recommend you to check all of them, maybe you will find your own gem.

One interesting fact I have realized is that even though it is a solo project, they uploaded the album on the band’s Bandcamp page. I really appreciate that because having too many Bandcamp pages is not the best option. Also, it will automatically drive your fans to check both projects. Smart move. Not related to music, but still makes me happy.

You can find more music from Pin Cushion on Bandcamp.