Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Found Space, Stevie Zita, Ben Loomis, Starcleaner Reunion

Found Space – never find the answer

“never find the answer” is the newest upcoming single from the American dream-pop duo Found Space. It is a song that is meant to feel slightly unsettled, with its syncopated rhythms contrasting the song’s atmospheric sun soaked energy. Waking up in the early morning with a soundtrack to a dream still repeating, producer/artist Spen Oliver translated the tones and melodies into an early demo. Later collaborations with co-artist Lily Christopher, brought this version to fruition, with Christopher’s vocals gliding over the crashing guitars.” I have shared Found Space’s songs before and I am enjoying this new one as well. A really catchy dreamy indie pop that will make your daily dose of grooves. I am loving to share singles like this one that have so many summer vibes. Be sure to check out more music from them on Spotify.

Stevie Zita – Gengar

I have been sharing many singles from Stevie Zita, a bedroom pop artist from Canada making groovy indie pop tracks. Catchy, fresh yummy. I recommend you head to his Spotify and explore his prolific discography of catchy synthy dreamy indie pop. I will be in the meantime enjoying this new one.

Ben Loomis – What’ll It Be?

“Ben Loomis is the moniker of Matt Roth, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. When he is not touring with Alice Phoebe Lou on the drums, he celebrates a life of quiet seclusion in the hills of Bucks County, PA. On his home-recorded single ‘What’ll It Be’, courtesy of Born Losers Records, he embraces the limitations of the 4-track cassette machine to provide something vulnerable and human. This DIY-soul cringe-bop may be cute but it will certainly leave you dancing to life’s unanswered questions.” I have been really enjoying the recent releases from Born Losers Records and this new single is no exception. It has a nice retro feel and it feels like created in the 60s or 70s and I am quite enjoyed it. Also, I am also loving the warm sound created by the 4-track, my favorite way of recording music. You can find more music from the artist on Spotify.

Starcleaner Reunion – Ribbon Le Chou

Let’s wrap up this recommendation with energetic shoegaze indie rock from NYC. I am enjoying the shoegaze guitars and the vibes they are creating. If you liked this track be sure to check out the other single as well. Indeed, a nice way to end our recommendations with such a powerful and catchy track. I am really vibing to it and you will be too! You can find more music from the band on Spotify.