Introducing: Griefeater – For Once, Then, Something & 3 Questions

“Griefeater is a Chicago four-piece founded in late 2021. In April of 2022, Griefeater released “their debut EP Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? The foursome cited bands like Title Fight and Cloakroom as inspiration for their fuzzy, emo-leaning alt-rock, and while shades of those bands show up throughout the EP, it was remarkably well-crafted, the work of a band drawing from their influences without clinging to them. For Once, Then, Something, [is] a new six-song collection that doubles down on what made Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? such an impressive debut. These songs lean a little more into the darker ’90s alt tones that have been super popular lately, but like on the last EP, it feels like the band’s own take on the sound. Singles “Sienna” and “Dust” show off the band’s control of dynamics, and opener and closer “Bounty Hunter” and “Do You Really?” are the heaviest songs Griefeater’s ever penned–the latter, in particular, is crushing, a six-minute epic that spirals out from simmering slowcore to raging grunge.

~ Zac Djamoos”

If you want to read a good review of the album, head to The Alternative. Also, the bio was written by Zac, who is helping us with a bio just now. So all this makes me super excited to share this band with you.

I have been recently trying to explore more emo, grunge, and post-punk scenes and I am glad I am discovering more and more great bands. It all started with releasing our new band, Eversame (emo-shoegaze-math-indie rock) and I am glad it opened me new horizons. I was always enjoying louder music offline more than online, but I am trying to find a way how to listen to it on my headphones as well. This blog was a little bit genre focused for some time, because of my personal taste, but we are trying to bring more writers in and features as well so more musicians can find a home here. I never enjoyed doing my blog, last this past few months.

This album is a really nice fuzzy-grunge-emo rock that will make you love the band. I will be definitely following their future endeavors and will try to bring them to you.

In the meantime, listen to this yet energetic, yet melancholic album from the beginning to the end, and definitely catch them playing a live show when you can.

Btw the cover art of this album is great, I am really loving it. The visual part of the release is very important and bands should pay more attention to it.

I have also talked to the band and asked them our 3 questions:

What inspired you to start making music and what keeps you making music?

The four members of Griefeater have known each other since grade school and while life has taken us on our respective journeys through the years, we have always come back to one another as friends and collaborators. We are all each other’s friends and there is no presence of an ego in our band. and that I think is infinitely special and important in sustaining a sense of creativity and spontaneity.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

The most challenging part of making music is coming to a unanimous agreement on what we want the band to be and the songs to sound. Because we write and work so collaboratively, it is hard to come to this point but it makes it extremely rewarding and pushes us to create something that could never happen without the four of us and outside the four of us.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

There are many ways to take this question but I think the honest answer is that we would love just to make what we already do easier and take all the extra stuff out of it. We want to play shows for our friends and people to listen to our music, but most of all, the dream is to take the burden off of marketing and promotion and to be able to focus on just hanging out and creating our art as friends.

You can support the band on Spotify.