Interview with Tyler Costolo (Ghost Fan Club, Two Meters)

First time I am doing an interview with no new music out from the musician. I started to really enjoy asking people questions and getting to know them more. Thus I hope this is a good start for future interviews we will enjoy reading together. You can find all the longer interviews here.

I have known Tyler for so long, but we never spoke more than a couple of messages here and there. Somehow, I have always had his music on my radar and considered him my e-pal. He has two music projects:

Ghost Fan Club (sad lo-fi bedroom pop):

Two Meters (post-metal, post-hardcore):

I always loved his music and I had an idea to ask him a few questions and learn more about his music, his process, and all the other details I like to know.

I hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did and be sure to check all interviews we do.

We have known each other for a long time, but we never had a chance to talk more. For the start, please introduce yourself to our fans in a few sentences.

You’ve been one of the most consistent parts of the online music scene since I got started, so it’s nice to get the chance to chat!

Hello everyone, I’m Tyler, I hope you’re doing fantastic today. If you’re reading Filip’s blog, there’s a good chance we’ll get along great.

What inspired you to start making music?

A mixture of wanting an outlet for myself and also wanting to make something that shows support to anyone who might be going through similar things. Hearing a song that encapsulates a certain feeling, that sort of shared solidarity means a lot to me.

Do you have any memories of music from your childhood?

I remember listening to a lot of 80’s music with my mom. My dad used to threaten to play his Rolling Stones cassette if my sister and I were being annoying in the car. As kids, we thought they were the worst-sounding band ever, haha.

Do you have any special memories with cassettes or vinyl records?

I inherited my mom’s vinyl collection when she passed away. This was right when I was hitting college, so that had a big effect on my relationship with music and physical media.

You have not released any music in a while. Is there a reason for that?

I had a period of time where I was moving around a lot. It was tough to record anything new because I didn’t have a comfortable space. Now I have a good amount of tracks done, but am waiting on some parts from other people / working on the mixing process.

You still have a lot of monthly listeners. How is that possible?

Honestly, it’s mostly from the song “Speak to Me”. It does consistently really well after it got picked up in the TikTok / Spotify algorithm.

But even before that, it was doing pretty well. I released that song during covid lockdown so I had A LOT of free time, haha. So I’d scroll through Spotify and find playlists with similar tracks and would message the creators and see if they’d like my stuff too.

You have two music projects Ghost Fan Club and Two Meters. How were they created?

Two Meters came first. Early on I worked a lot with my friend, Gabe Brenner, who is infinitely more talented than me. My first EP was almost more of a collaboration between the two of us in all honesty.

I kinda realized quickly I wanted to make loud abrasive music, but also quieter tracks. So I started Ghost Fan Club for the more subdued stuff and started releasing with knifepunch records. Then with Two Meters I released a full metal LP in 2022, also through kpr.

Do you have any plans for your music? Maybe future projects you would like to start?

I plan on releasing another GFC EP sometime in the near future. I have a few people I’ve spoken with briefly about working on new things, so maybe I’ll invest more time into that.

You live in Florida. Does this state have an impact on the music you make?

Honestly, probably not. Florida has a really thriving music scene, but wouldn’t say what I make reflects that. I feel like my music is more like cold weather, ya know?

Shout out to the people making music down here though. Florida gets a bad wrap for a lot of things, but there are great people making beautiful art that don’t deserve to be lumped in with that.

What has the DIY community meant to you and your music?

It’s basically been everything. The folks at knifepunch records have always been so supportive of me, endless love for dani, bird, and everyone else. Same thing with my friend Gabe I mentioned previously. Another, Ruairi, who releases music under ODAE, produced the Two Meters LP.

But outside of that, I’ve made so many other friends and found so much music. It’s genuinely incredible how much talent exists in the world and how much of it flies under the radar.

You have been very active and very popular on TikTok. How do you find that? Do you see any benefits from that besides promoting your music?

I honestly just have fun with it. It’s been by far the most successful social media for me. I think my personality comes off a bit better there than on Twitter or whatever. I’ve really enjoyed sharing other people’s music on TikTok and it’s awesome to have commenters getting excited to see new bands.

Which artists have influenced your music the most?

Definitely Phil Elverum from Mount Eerie / The Microphones. Just the absolute rawness of everything he does. Also, quite frankly, showing that he can be a transcendent musician while not being a classically “good” vocalist. Keeps me inspired to overcome my own shortcomings in that department, haha.

What does your creative process look like?

I usually write guitar parts and lyrics separately and then figure out what fits. Then I’ll record a rough demo track of how I want to structure the song. After that, I’ll make the main guitar parts and then kinda fill the rest in around that.

Do you search for the meaning through the music? Does the creative process help you to process your thoughts?

Definitely. Sometimes you don’t even realize something until you put pen to paper and start writing it out, ya know?

Where do you seek inspiration for your lyrics? How do you choose what to include in lyrics and what not?

To be blunt, I am an incredibly anxious, panicky, and depressed person, haha. I of course live to be kind to other people, but my own struggles are what inspire my songwriting. I try to be as honest and direct as possible, because who knows, maybe someone out there needs to know they aren’t alone.

What is your daily job and how do you make music while working? How hard is it to find time?

I have a work-from-home job in healthcare staffing. So really any time outside the usual work hours I’m free to make music. The biggest challenge is having the energy to do anything.

Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

I am an avid aquarium keeper! I have three fish tanks that I am quite proud of. Lots of live plants. That’s half of what I post about online nowadays, haha.

I used to play and coach water polo, that’s where the name Two Meters comes from. I came out of retirement and played in a tournament last fall and will probably get back in the pool at some point again. I’ve always enjoyed bike rides, although the Florida weather makes that tough. Been really into weightlifting in the past year as well.

How the name Ghost Fan Club was created?

dani from knife punch records suggested it actually haha. We were talking one day and she came up with a bunch of ideas and I really liked that one.

Any favorite or inspirational books or movies?

I’ve been reading a lot of Berserk lately. It definitely has its issues as a piece of media, but the ongoing message of persevering through struggle is inspiring.

What keeps you motivated to continue making music?

Chasing the dream I suppose. Trying to give support to those that need it.

What was the most challenging thing in your music (artistic) path?

Honestly, the biggest struggle is getting super excited about something and not getting the response I expected. I continually have to remind myself the main point of making music is for yourself, anyone else liking it is just a bonus.

Do you have any set goals with your music? Some milestones you would like to achieve?

My absolute dream would be to make an album that is popular enough to be pressed to vinyl. I don’t perform live and don’t plan to, so that’s really the main milestone I’m shooting for.

What would you dream to do if anything was possible?

If a combination aquarium-guitar store opened up, I’d probably drop everything to apply.

Do you have any advice for artists just starting out or maybe coming back to prior passions?

Just keep making stuff, remind yourself you’re making it for yourself, and have fun sharing other people’s music. Some of the most pure joy you can experience is seeing the excitement someone has when you share their art.

In the end, I have one challenge for you. Describe every song from your most recent album Goodbye World, Hello Ghosts in a single sentence, one sentence for each song.

Haunting – I’m a ghost in my own life, the cause and solution of all my problems.
Crutch – I used my home as such a “safe place” that my therapist told me I was becoming agoraphobic.
Instead of Saying – Working in food service really broke me down during the initial Covid re-openings in 2021.
Worms – Maybe I won’t have an impact in life, but in death, I will become part of the greater ecosystem.
You’ll Say – Another one about anxiety, basically an argument with my mind.
Live Forever – I am afraid of death but also at times hate living.
Don’t Let Me Go – Asking for patience when I become a recluse.
I’m Fine – I have night terrors and sleep paralysis, but in the end, I’m Fine because it’s all just a dream.
Goodbye World, Hello Ghosts – This one was actually supposed to also be about night terrors, but I could never get the vocal line right, so it became an instrumental.

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