Filip’s Quick Single Picks: Conflict at Serenity Pools, Stevie Zita, Blue Canopy, Richard Orofino, Route 500

Conflict at Serenity Pools – mellow and shiny

This song is exactly like its name say: mellow and shiny. I have been enjoying CSP’s songs for a while; this new one is no exception. Dreamy, lo-fi pop that can get you hooked pretty quickly. The melody is pretty simple, yet so captivating. I have been enjoying the little nuances in the song very much and have been listening to it over and over. What a great song by this band from Venice Beach, California. You can find more music on Spotify.

Stevie Zita – Judy Gnarland

I have been sharing music from Stevie Zita for some time. Some singles are getting me more, some a little bit less. This new one is reminding me a little bit of early stroke with catchy guitars you can easily get into. A little bit bit of a flashback to the 2000s. It seems like ages ago, so now this sounds a little refreshing. If you like this one, definitely check out more music on Spotify.

Blue Canopy – Bright Spot

“Bright Spot was written during a rough patch in my relationship with my long term partner. We were fighting a lot regarding rehoming our family dog, and I just wanted everything to be OK between us. This song sorts through my feelings throughout that time, hoping for a resolution.” This newest single is reminding me a lot of my favorite Beach Fossils. I am enjoying the beachy atmosphere of the song, and a few summer vibes in this cold weather. Blue Canopy is definitely an artist to check out. You can find more music on Bandcamp.

Richard Orofino – float

I am a little bit confused if this track is a new track or an old one from 2017. Sometimes submissions I get are a little bit confusing, but I am glad that the actual music is more important. This song is a nice gentle bedroom lo-fi pop you can easily enjoy. If you like this one, you can find more music on Spotify.

Route 500 – Not Today

Let’s wrap up these recommendations with a song I have received through our Instagram. We have just opened submissions there. This mellow indie rock ballad is exactly something I was looking for to listen to. I am glad Derek reached out to us and shared it. It is pretty easy and you can all do it. Route 500 is a slowcore project from Brighton, UK and if you like this track, you can find more music on Bandcamp.