EP: Ostrom – The First Three

“Cam Ostrom is an emerging artist from Winnipeg, a small city with a dense concentration of musical talent ranging from Neil Young, to The Weakerthans, to Royal Canoe.

Cam wears his own influences proudly, covering them on his Twitch channel where he got his proper start showcasing his talents. His original music, use of alternative tunings, and falsetto draw comparisons to contemporary artists like Daniel Rossen, Sean Carey, and Madison Cunningham.

With a broad blend of gentle folk, fuzzy electric guitars, and spacious string accompaniment, each song on Cam Ostrom’s The First Three EP will take you in a different sonic direction. A lyrical through-line of memory, yearning, and time holds it all together.

Another Familiar Window is a reimagining of its 2020 version; an acoustic guitar-plucked tune documenting the experience of an old memory in a foreign place. I See You draws more evidently on flavors of shoegaze and dream pop, with softly-delivered words hiding under a bed of guitar, referencing a love that might have been. Tired of Trying to Be Found is a calm, expansive ballad about losing someone dear and the pain and isolation of starting all over.

These songs are places where your heart may settle.

What else to add? Everything is written above and I just wanted to share these lines with you. It not only introduces the artist well but also brings you closer to the EP. This is also the case when through the single Tired of Trying to Be Found I got to this EP as well. The folk atmosphere of the song is really pleasing to the ears and so easy to listen to. Just three tracks, less than 13 minutes of your time, so do not make excuses to listen to all of them. It was a really pleasurable ride for me and it can be for you as well.

You can support the musician on Bandcamp.