Album: Sunhertz – an otherwise perfect day

indie dad pop from tulsa, OK

I recently shared a single from Sunhertz on our blog, and here is the newest album. It came out on the label Jean Pump Recording and you can get it from Bandcamp.

Sunhertz is the solo indie pop project of Tulsa native Duke Schaffner. Here are words from his press release about the album:

I wrote “an otherwise perfect day” on a songwriting high after finally finding the confidence to record my vocals into my music. For the first time, the songs just seemed to flow very naturally and authentically. All of the songs ended up having a very bittersweet feel, which comes from the optimism I feel in the
midst of my struggle with depression and pursuit of meaning.

Here are some words about himself:

Duke started writing music with his brother and their friends in high school, but life had its way and his bandmates moved to either side of the country before they had a chance to record and release any music. Left to himself, he learned how to play bass, synthesizer, and drums in addition to guitar in order to start making songs on his own. But struggling with confidence issues, he rarely recorded vocals and had a hard time putting himself into his music. Eventually, in 2020, he found the confidence and started creating vocals for his songs, which also helped solidify his Indie Pop style. This confidence led to a rush of songwriting inspiration, including the recording and production of his first EP, an otherwise perfect day.“ň

His press release is pretty cool and could be a really nice inspiration. You can check it out here.

The album is a beautiful mixture of dreamy, lo-fi bedroom (indie) pop which is so easy to listen to and yet so fresh. the bass guitar in the background is really kicking hard. Also, the guitar parts in general are so cool (try song frames). Definitely, a release that deserves your attention. I wished this was pressed onto cassettes. It would fit on them very well. So start the track and enjoy the full ride.

You can support the artist on Bandcamp.