Premiere – Single: moon nite – 900 days

I usually do not do premieres, because having a schedule with my blog is really hard. I write posts whenever I have some extra free time. In Fall it will be super hard. Either way, I made an exception and I am happy to say we are premiering a new single from moon nite called 900 days.

“moon nite is the project of ~person~ George Romero. From late 2017-2019, George released music and played shows in southwest Arizona under various projects, but switched to the moon nite name in late 2019. the EP Blind Love or Something followed in March 2020. their music can be described as lo-fi indie rock influenced by alt-country, emo, and noise pop.

moon nite’s new record “there’s a worm concert every night.” collects self-recorded demos and b-sides from 2019-2022, working *somewhat* as a document of Romero’s move from their hometown of Yuma to Tucson, AZ.

A little bit of copy-paste from the artist’s press release, but it is an excellent introduction. I also liked this short sentence about the song:

“sweet little song about moving towns and trying your best to keep in contact with all your friends”

I have been saying in previous posts that I can have a crush on guitars. It is the same with this song. I am in love with the guitar bits. If you are also a fan of Devil Town Tapes and their artists like Conor Lynch or you are a fan of Alex G, then you could definitely get into this song. Great lo-fi bedroom rock as I call it—catchy, yummy, fresh. I can listen to it over and over and never get bored. Just try it…

You can find more music and support the artist on Bandcamp.