Album: Simen Mitlid – Birds; or, Stories from Charlie B’s Travels From Grønland to the Sun, and Back Again

I have been writing about Simen’s music for a while, I lost count of how many singles I have shared. I have been somehow so captivated by his music, I was returning to it again and again. If you were fans of José Gonzalez’ music in past, you will love this beautiful folk album with a lot of Scandinavian vibes. Beautifully layered melodies with stunning instruments and vocals. I could listen to this new album on repeat and still discover something. I think Simen is making probably the most interesting music on the indie scene in Europe. What a beauty. Give the album a full listen and you will agree with me.

Here are some words about the album from the artist:

The album consists of several small stories about the different journeys birds, astronauts, archeologists (who are also trying to figure out why people have traveled/moved), emigrants from Grønland (both the country and the district/quarter in Oslo where I have my rec. studio), Charlie B (made up character that takes the ultimate journey from Grønland to the Sun (!)), my family, my mind, my body, and the earth (when it spins around the sun), take during their lifetime.

The bonus part is the artwork. A masterpiece.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.