Album: SERF – All You Need In Life Is Someone To Love And Your Family

SERF is the nom de guerre of Rory Maxwell, a Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) based solo multi-instrumentalist. Sonically planted somewhere on the spectrum between 80s counter culture and cheesy pop tunes, Rory feebly attempts to pay homage to his idols The Cure, New Order and Joy Division.

If you are fan of jangle pop and 80’s music, you will enjoy this. The songs have great energy and a lot of nostalgia in them. I guess this sound never gets old. Still feels fresh and catchy. Sometimes listening to this kind of music is like time traveling. You can at least pretend to feel like in 80’s dancing to these tunes. I have a very good picture of dancing in the club in my mind when listening to this song. I would totally do that right now.

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