Album: Pinky Lemon – Pinky Heaven

“Pinky Lemon has made a strong entrance into the Washington, DC indie scene this year with music that constantly seeks to evolve. Their debut release ‘Pinky Heaven’ puts forward an eclectic sound that ranges from queer dance pop to dreamy shoegaze to lofi emo.”

I discovered this band through the second song from the album called Wilted, but I am so happy it led me to the full album which is full of various genres which makes the whole album very energetic. I have been enjoying albums like this one that can bring so many different atmosphere and blends genres. Why stick with one genre, when you can bring more and thus expand your natural fan base? For example, try the first and the second track off the album and you can clearly hear the difference, but both of the songs are so great. I have been enjoying more songs from the album and I am so pumped after listening to these tracks. The album is really great and the only thing that is missing is a physical release, so if any label is reading this, go and contact them. It has been a while since it has been released, but I think it is still worth putting on cassettes.

You can follow the band on Spotify and Bandcamp.