Single: drunktongue – Amelia

Drunktongue is a grunge pop project led by American singer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Cress, based in Belize. Prior to drunktongue, Cress fronted and played guitar in many local bands such as Jesus Miranda (Portland, Oregon), nations (St. Augustine, Florida), This Island Earth (Macon, Georgia), By Days End (Dayton, Ohio).

I have been loving slowcore for the past few years and I am enjoying this song mixed with grunge which creates really great atmosphere. Also, there is a really cool guitar solo in the middle of the song which got me even more. Somehow the song is so catchy and it is not even upbeat, it is hard for me to explain, but it might be related to the guitar parts which are really great in this song. Just start the track and hear for yourself.

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