Album: Jonathan UniteUs x Neak x Slot-A – I Left Chicago With an Album

“Jonathan UniteUs (aka JohnNY U.) is a Brooklyn born and bred emcee and 1/5th of the New York City collective O.I.S.D. The artist formerly known as E.Y.E.Q. changed his alias to represent the unification of personalities. ” JohnNY U., which is short for UniteUs, is the bonding of my styles and personalities. JohnNY is the balance between my ‘conscious’ and care free mind” 

““I Left Chicago With an Album” is a music time capsule. Recorded during the summertime in Chicago 2020. I (Jonathan UniteUs) took a trip from NYC to visit friends and fellow collaborators. At this time, the country was 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic/lockdown. Within the 5 days out of my 7 day stay in the city, Neak, Slot-A and I crafted an album based around our current headspace, current events as well as concepts based around personal conflict, perseverance and manifestations for the future.”

I do not usually share hip-hop on this blog, so this is a special occasion. Somehow I really get captivated by this album recommended to me on Twitter. Such a great beat and great lyrics. Just powerful…

Give it a try and you might like it too.

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