Single: Hanging Valleys – Pistol Shrimp

Hanging Valleys is the music of Thom Byles and Michael Phillips. Thom attended school in Mexico City and was brought up in a musical family. He moved back to the UK where he encountered Michael who was born and raised in South East London. They met working in a post-production house in Soho where they served tea and snacks to hungry editors. The pair were drawn together through their love of soft rock and peanut butter. Dreaming of bigger things they set out on various risk-filled adventures across the country, conquering treacherous peaks and raging seas. After several near death experiences the pair decided it was safer to stay indoors and make sounds.

Falsetto vocal melodies are accompanied by electric and acoustic guitars which combine to create a rich shifting soundscape. An unusual percussive playing style on the acoustic is blended with percussion and ambient sounds to create pulsing rhythms with captivating crescendos.

A little bit of introduction to this British band (finally something from the UK to share) I have copied from a press release. I think you have to get used to my copy-pasting, but I always like to share well-written bios and give you more background info, when I have it.

This new track is off an upcoming EP out in March on DayGlow Records. A dreamy atmosphere, muffled vocals like Bon Iver, and ambient sounds in the background. Together creating a magical & beautiful listening experience. I can close my eyes and pretend I am in a fairyland where all dreams may come true.

Just give it a try and you may fall in love with it.

You can support the band on Bandcamp.