Album: Bryce Kepner – Certain Memories

Singer-songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist originally from the Midwest but now based out of Mesa, AZ.

I have become e-friends with Bryce because of Twitter and our Z Tapes seasonal compilations. I really appreciate all the friendships that my label or Twitter brings me. I am also really happy to share Bryce’s music because he is a very talented musician and creates really interesting songs with a little bit of retro feel. Not the kind of music you would find in Spotify “cool” playlists or listen to on mainstream radio. It deserves more careful listening and definitely a more focused type of listening to fully appreciate it. We need that kind of music in our lives. Especially in my life and I am thankful for Bryce making it. Find some time, shut down all social media, and press play.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.