3 Discoveries of Lar Eade-Green

I Was Trying To Get There But It Was Hard To See From The Balloon by Henry Demos & Lewtrakimou

Pants, jumper, headphones on tangled hair and the stamp from last nights gig transferred onto my face. I have dedicated the morning to listening to the whole 23 tracks of the Henry Demos & Lewtrakimou split and I am feeling very content. Jingly Jangly sad core: combined they have pretty depressing song titles Sad As Buckets, Useless, Worried, Starve…. And the list continues! ‘Sad As Buckets’ just repeats the lyrics “sad, sad ,sad, sad, it’s fucking sad… she’s really sad” but then there are tracks like Man, Tie A Sucker Down which make me want to sofa dance. There is also an ambience to a lot of the tracks that makes me feel like I should be listening to the album in a cathedral, with Henry and Lew dressed in robes.

Holiday by Dog Legs

Dog Legs are the duo Moe Meade and Liam Bradbury, haling from Brighton, UK. On bandcamp they are tagged as alternative, garage, indie, noise, shoegaze, pop. At HQ (my house) we have been listening to their Holiday EP cassette on repeat and have been making alternative genres for Dog Legs… so far we have come up with “direct pop” and “not beating around the bush pop”! I have never been good at remembering lyrics but find great pleasure in shouty singing the few words I can remember on loop, so a band that will release a track purely consisting of the lyrics “I TRUSTED YOU” are my kind of band!

01112014 by Sitcom

Sitcom (AKA Jake Lazovick) is bedroom pop from Baltimore. Sitcom’s latest bandcamp release is 01112015, a very colourful live album consisting of blue shoes, green hats and yellow jackets! My love for Sitcom started with Yellow Jacket (and a live version of this song features on 01112015). I remember discovering Yellow Jacket back in January, just before heading off to my night shift. I finished my shift only with the memory that I found a really great track the day before, with no idea of the artists name and no recollection of where I found it. I went on “operation search for THAT track” and then stropped when I thought the song had run away from me forever… I remember eventually finding it, listening to every single one of Sitcom’s bandcamp uploads and going to sleep happy.

Text by Lar Eade-Green

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