Video: Beat Radio – Dissociation Blues

Another artist on a label I want to pay closer attention to. I have been following Totally Real Records on Twitter for some time and am glad this was sent my way. If you are a fan of J Mascis music, you would definitely dive into this easily. If you want to also read more about the artist, I recommend checking out the bio. It is a longer read, but you might enjoy it.

Here are a few words about the single:

“Dissociation Blues” is the third track that Beat Radio has shared ahead of the release of Real Love, the lo-fi emo/folk group’s sixth album — which is also a reunion between its primary founders! Real Love is the first album featuring both longtime singer-songwriter/guitarist Brian Sendrowitz and Beat Radio’s co-founder and multi-instrumentalist/producer Philip Jimenez (Wheatus), more than a decade after the latter’s departure in 2006. 

There’s a sense of urgency injected into Sendrowitz’s songwriting on Real Love, woven from several years of heartbreak and rigorous self-examination. Brimming with ornate indie-rock gems, the new album is flush with sonic flourishes — rustling banjos, climactic saxophone, elegiac violins and layered harmonies throughout make the album one of the year’s most vital albums.”

The press release had so much information it was so hard for me to pick something specific. Kudos to Totally Real Records for making such wonderful PR work. I always admired labels that were good at doing PR. Big like. So go and pre-order a tape or vinyl and support indie artists and labels.

You can find more music on Bandcamp.

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