Singles: Buddy Junior – RUST & Track 2

“a flat, rusted, metal rod slid underneath my eyeball, and i freaked out. i mean like really freaked out, like i was convinced for a second that i would go blind in one eye from the incident and i was crying and stuff ngl . later that day i wrote this song.”

“this song is also called “SIN (the way you sweat)”. i imagine this song as my Timbaland song. in a video, i saw him talking about how he starts songs with a beatboxed beat and builds it up from there. that’s where i started with this one. it was initially supposed to be a noisy instrumental track, but for fun, Harvey and I recorded like 10 different verses for this song, and those got chopped up into what you hear here.”

These two singles are up on Bandcamp and are from the upcoming album called RUST which will be out on the San Francisco-based label Cherub Dream Records. I have shared a couple of releases from them and even though their roster is not 100% fit to my taste, I will do my best to show them the love they deserve. I always loved small labels and always wanted to give them a shout-out for the amazing job they are doing. From my personal experience, I can say that doing a label no matter the size is hard work that should be valued.

Let’s get back to these two new singles which are amazing emo-noise-pop-rock tracks with great energy, heavy guitars, and captivating vocals. I have been listening to them on repeat this morning and I have been enjoying them more and more. I am looking towards the new album, which will be out in January, but you can already pre-order it. Noise music has always been something for me, but I have not been listening to it in the recent past as dream pop was the main genre that occupied my ears. I am glad I can return to this with these two songs, which are stellar ones. I highly recommend checking them both.

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