Single: Jupie – Annie

Julius Unger Bowditch was nicknamed Jupie by a roommate after watching a video of a recycling dog. Both in the moniker and the music, Bowditch holds onto his childhood through bedroom pop meditations on love, loss, and growing up. Bowditch’s minimalist instrumentation opens up a fresh perspective on intimacy, buoyed by a pop sensibility that makes the songs instantly recognizable.

This is a little intro to the artist and here is a paragraph about the newest single:

And I know it’s hard waking up like this. The song “Annie” tells the familiar story of struggles to end a relationship, but it is also about my personal development as an artist. The song reflects fragile, careful, but determined first steps. As I expand my music in new directions, I want to remain honest with myself and my listeners. The core of my sound has always been highlighted by lush arrangements and experimental production choices. Annie, the person, is a nod to my collaborations with Joe Beerman (Sipper) and Avinoam Henig (Lazylazy). While being a fictional character of our own invention, our imaginary friend embodies many personal voicings in each of our lives. “Annie”, the song, is the first single of my new record, Brick Hill, which will be released in late 2023.

I have been overwhelmed with new music thanks to my viral tweet and I have listened to 200+ bands in two days (last month I listened to 1000 bands total), so I need to slow down. I am glad that soon that crazy boom will be over and I will return back to my standard way of receiving submissions. I am really enjoying the lo-fi indie rock song and cannot wait to listen to the new album. The song flows so nicely and I am loving the slow-paced melancholic atmosphere it is creating. It is well-crafted and universally enjoyable. What a nice track!

You can find more music on Bandcamp or Spotify.