Single: Tractor Beam – Sex Appeal

The post-folk songwriting project of Toronto-raised, Vancouver based producer Sasha Balazic. Featuring Luke Reynolds (bass), Sam Stevens (Drums) and Sarah Morris (Cello) and rounded out with a rotating cast of collaborators, contributors and friends; Tractor Beam is an ever changing ode to the Y2K indie revival, 60’s songwriting and DIY ethos. In the year and a half since their inception – they’ve become a key act in the Vancouver local music scene, appearing in festival lineups and local venues across the city, drawing attention for their cathartic songwriting and instrumentation. Tractor Beam’s debut music is set to arrive in early 2023, and a subsequent album later in the year via Kingfisher Bluez.”

A quote about the band you can find on their Spotify page. Here is also a little quote about the song:

“Lead single Sex Appeal is an honest exploration of ego and identity as an anxious performer navigating the nuances of finding (or not finding) success. Subsequently singer songwriter Sasha Balazic is at his most confident and vulnerable – and the band follows suit – laying the foundation for Tractor Beam’s largest effort to date.”

I am really enjoying this lead single from the upcoming album, which should be out later this year. I am quite enjoying the dynamic between the female and male vocals. Also, the fact that this is a Canadian band makes it more interesting for me by default. The band is getting a little recognition in Canada, touring a little bit, and finally living a life of a normal indie band in a (normal) world. I am quite interested in how the new album will sound and will try to share it with you once it will be out. In the meantime, you can enjoy this great indie rock track infused with folk influences.

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