Single: Alex Sanders – just fine

The song came with this message:

I wrote this song shortly after the completion of my debut album which is set for release on May 18th. I thought about perhaps waiting until the album was released to share this song with the community however, I really feel that this song is better off in the world of online music rather than my laptop! Although my roots are somewhat scattered in terms of musical inspiration, I can say that there is something very special about the world of folk music and especially now-a-days, the cross genre’s created around folk are quite fascinating. I would say my music quite lo-fi, pronounced in a calm, yet interesting manner.. I think it would be better if you heard the track!

I am really enjoying this little indie lo-fi bedroom folk-pop song or whatever, you want to call it. I really like its mellow atmosphere and it reminds me a little bit of one intro of one song from the 90s I cannot remember the name of (maybe The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979, but I am not sure…). Either way, I really enjoyed the simple melody of this song. If you enjoyed this single, you can listen to the debut album as well. It is a little bit different, but still worth checking out.

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