Single: Tiger Really – Sadako

Vaguely inspired by the atmosphere and characters of ‘Ringu’ (1998) (AKA ‘The Ring’), Sadako paints a strange story of love, conflict, and ultimately a yearning for closure. With a lush soundscape conceived equally with lo-fi, midwest emo, and classical orchestral sensibilities, Sadako is undeniably the weirdest sounding track Tiger Really has ever produced. However, it’s charm is undeniable, and the climax of the song cannot be described as anything but hauntingly beautiful.

This song is very interesting and I loved listening to it. The weird mix of midwest emo with a little bit of alt-country vibes and math rock, but a softer style of indie rock vocals. It is so unique but so refreshing. I love how nicely the song developed and surprised you. Tiger Really made a special track that will surprise you in the best way and I need more of this. Sometimes I feel like the music we receive sounds the same, so having something like this is so rewarding. Great job with this one!

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