EP: Aaanna Japanese Special – Follow Your Heart

“This project started as an experimental experiment using the overseas vocaloid “Emvoice” and composition and sound-making across Indie and Alternative genres under the theme of “my own way of lofi” that P.Neocbayashi himself pursues. The project started as an experimental experiment using the foreign vocaloid “Emvoice,” as well as a platform for their own concept work and music production requests.

The influence of the album is based mainly on the ‘single-note guitar riffs’ of the indie Western music of the 10s, which I have listened to with great enthusiasm, with impulsive and emotional synths that are unfamiliar, uncomfortable and even rejection-affecting.

Combined with his own experience of loss and subsequent change of feelings, it is dedicated to all those who live in a world of information overload, with the motto “Follow Your Heart“.

I am always enjoying discovering indie music from Japan and this new EP is the reason why. It is a playful, a little bit experimental indie pop with a really fresh approach. It has a little bit of synths, lo-fi guitars, and interesting vocals. The melody and especially guitar riffs are catchy and you will be a fan of the band after the second track. The EP has just 4 tracks, so you can digest it pretty easily and I highly recommend doing that. Listening to it was a fun ride for me and I loved it. I am hooked.

Every day is a good day to start a track and discover unheard music.

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