Single: Teenage Tom Petties – Bad Hire

“Teenage Tom Petties is a slacker indie punk band split between Wiltshire, England and Portland, USA. Created by vocalist and guitarist Tom Brown, (also of the jangle pop duo Rural France), Teenage Tom Petties features Jim Quinn on bass, Galen Richmond and James Brown on guitar, and Jeff Hamm on drums.

The band’s first album, Teenage Tom Petties (2022), a collaborative release by U.K. label Safe Suburban Home and U.S. label Repeating Cloud, is a low-fi, DIY recording inspired by Brown’s early love of bands like The Lemonheads, Descendents and Guided by Voices.

“I wanted the first album to sound like some shitty tape you might find in the foot-well of a car—your brother’s buddy’s band. So the nostalgic/suburban theme kind of follows—a lot of the songs address teenage emotions.”

The bands second full-length release, Hotbox Daydreams (2023)—also from Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud—extends the narrative of the first, introducing a more cynical perspective as it wrestles with the impending adulthood of your twenties. Hotbox Daydreams also ups the ante, production-wise; the full line-up came together to record with Bradford Krieger at Big Nice Studios in Providence, R.I.

“The fuzz is really important to me. If a recording is too perfect or fully realized, people can’t fill in the gaps in their head,” Brown says. “So I was a little apprehensive about going into a proper studio for that reason. But it was a revelation!”

Teenage Tom Petties will be doing a short tour in England to celebrate the release of Hotbox Daydreams this coming November, with shows in Leeds, Manchester, and London. In the meantime, Brown is perfecting his Claymation skills to create short videos for the album.”

This is a new single from the upcoming album Hotbox Daydreams that you can now preorder on vinyl via Safe Suburban Home and Repeating Cloud.

This new single is energetic power-pop-punk-indie rock that will get you hooked very easily. It got me totally into the new album and I am looking forward to listening to it.

The song has really nice drive and a little bit nostalgic feel that I am starting to seek more and more.

Definitely preorder this album and stay tuned, because we will try to share it on our blog once it is out (November 3).

So happy this did not slip my release radar so I can enjoy it with you as well.

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